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Waxwings round Pickering

by Tom Denney

Waxwings are still around and I think are very special and well worth looking out for. Some of our members saw the flock of seven in Littledale, Pickering last week (not been seen in the last couple of days). Some were reported from Normanby, and this afternoon [26th Jan – Ed] 4 were alongside the A170 just east of Wrelton (see photo).

Waxwing in tree

What to look out for:

  1. Obviously keep watching any bushes or trees with berries on particularly in gardens. When feeding in amongst the berries the birds can be very unobtrusive but have a quiet trilling call.
  2. Look out for starling size birds with small crests perching up in tree tops before they go down to feed on nearby fruit. When perched up the colours are not obvious, neither are the crests at a distance but the birds perch a little more upright than starlings (which they closely resemble in flight). Janet spotted the Wrelton birds sitting up in a roadside birch whilst we were driving by! The photo below by Mary Brill shows five of the seven from Littledale in typical “perched up” pose.

Waxwings in tree

Photos © Tom Denney and Mary Brill 2009