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spotted flycatcher

Good news from Great Edstone
Spotted flycatchers breeding

by Tom Denney

Tessa Watson has sent in the good news that once again spotted flycatchers have successfully fledged four young in her garden. This delightful and confiding bird is one of the long distance African summer visitors which is in serious decline, and I would welcome news from any members who are lucky enough to have this bird in their garden or in the surrounding countryside. Although these flycatchers are primarily a woodland bird, they are often found in sheltered village gardens, and will return to the same site to nest year after year, sometimes rearing two broods. They do not have much of a song, but are easy to spot as they perch up prominently, and make frequent forays to catch insects on the wing.

spotted flycatcher nest

Flycatcher on nest (above) and chicks (right).
spotted flycatcher nest

Photos © Tom Denney and Tessa Watson (nests) 2009