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Annual Report for 2014



This year’s Annual Report is in a different format. Jim Pewtress has put together a PDF file, which can be downloaded (c.5Mb). As 2014 was our 50th year this is a special Anniversary Edition. You can also read the report online (see Contents below).


On Monday 2nd December 1963 Mr. D. Wright of Kirkbymoorside convened a group of people interested in Natural History. As a result the first meeting of the Ryedale Natural History Society was held at the White Swan, Kirkbymoorside on 13th January 1964. To celebrate our 50th anniversary a dinner was held at the George Hotel on 17th December with founder member Gordon Simpson as guest of honour. We then adjourned to our meeting room where Gordon gave a talk about his experiences as a naturalist.

The original minute books contained reports of outings the society had undertaken in that year. The committee decided that it would be interesting to try to use our outdoor programme for 2014 to replicate those outings. To a certain extent this is what we did as most sites were known to us however some of the sites were rather general in description so in some cases we had to decide from the botanical records where some of these would likely be. Most of the early records were botanical and so lists were produced for 1964 and a comparison made with the plants identified on our walks.

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