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Ring Ouzels in 2011

by Kendrick S. Hutchinson and Victor Fairbrother

[Ed Ken Hutchinson has kindly allowed us to offer the 2011 report on Ring Ouzels in Rosedale and other parts of the North York Moors, written together with Victor Fairbrother. The report can be downloaded as a PDF of approx 2Mb.]

Male ring ouzel at top of Reeking Gill, Rosedale, 2011 by Peter Waterton.

Ken says “Graphs have been added looking at nest and pair productivity over the last 10 years (2011 marked 10 years of unbroken recording) and first-arrival date/trend. Also photos at Annex 6 show the 5 nests that were collected in 2011 for the National Nest Reference Collection in Glasgow.”

© Ryedale Natural History Society 2011; Photo © Peter Waterton 2011

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