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Garbutt Wood and Gormire July 7th 2007

led by Gill Smith and Tom Denney

Foxgloves Digitalis purpurea
Seven members met at the Thirlby entrance to Garbutt Wood on a rather unsettled day to explore the woods and shoreline around Gormire. After all the recent rain the water level was noticeably higher than on my previous visit a month ago, and the path around the lake was muddy in several places. Sadly many of the best plants such as the tufted loosestrife (Lysimachia thyrsiflora) had finished flowering so we had to make do with the seedpods – and most of the birds were elusive and quiet as well! However, we did manage to see a good number of plants including ragged robin, water-forgetmenots, skullcap and spotted orchids in full bloom. As the light was bad I only managed one or two shots: please see the notes for my June trip for pictures of the plants growing here.

Group of people

Plants recorded

Latin NameEnglish Name
Acer pseudoplatanusSycamore
Aesculus hippocastanumChestnut, horse
Agrostis stoloniferaBent, White
Ajuga reptansBugle
Alisma plantago-aquaticaWater plantain
Angelica sylvestrisAngelica
Anthriscus sylvestrisCow parsley
Arrhenatherum elatiusOat, False
Betula pendulaBirch, silver
Betula pubescensBirch, downy
Bromus ramosus (Bromopsis ramosa)Brome, Hairy
Callitriche agg.Starwort
Carex rostrataBottle sedge
Castanea sativaChestnut, sweet
Circaea lutetianaEnchanters nightshade
Cirsium palustreThistle, marsh
Corylus avellanaHazel
Crataegus monogynaHawthorn
Cynosurus cristatusCrested Dogstail
Dactylis glomerataCocksfoot
Dactylorhiza fuchsiiOrchid, common spotted
Deschampsia caespitosaHair Grass, Tufted
Deschampsia flexuosaHair Grass, Wavy
Digitalis purpureaFoxglove
Dryopteris dilatataCommon Buckler Fern
Dryopteris filix-masMale Fern
Epilobium montanumWillowherb, broad leaved
Epilobium obscurumWillowherb, short fruited
Eriophorum angustifoliumCottongrass, common
Equisetum fluviatileWater Horsetail
Fagus sylvaticaBeech
? Festuca ovinaFescue, Sheep’s
Fraxinus excelsiorAsh
Galium aparineCleavers
Galium palustreBedstraw, marsh
Galium uliginosumBedstraw, fen
Geranium robertianumHerb Robert
Geum urbanumAvens, wood
Hedera helixIvy
Heracleum sphondyliumHogweed
Holcus lanatusYorkshire Fog
Holcus mollisCreeping Soft Grass
Hyacinthoides non-scriptaBluebell
Hydrocotyle vulgarisMarsh pennywort
Ilex aquifoliumHolly
Iris pseudacorusYellow iris or Flag
Juncus articulatusJointed Rush
Juncus effususSoft Rush
Lapsana communisNipplewort
Lonicera periclymenumHoneysuckle
Lychnis flos-cuculiRagged robin
Lycopus europaeusGypsywort
Lysimachia nemorumYellow pimpernel
Lysimachia thyrsifloraLoosestrife, tufted
Mentha aquaticaMint, water
Menyanthes trifoliataBogbean
Myosotis scorpioidesForgetmenot, water
Myosotis secundaForgetmenot, creeping
Oxalis acetosellaWood sorrel
Poa nemorosaMeadow Grass, Wood
Poa trivialisMeadow Grass, Rough
Potentilla palustrisCinquefoil, marsh
Prunus spinosaBlackthorn
Pteridium aquilinumBracken
Quercus roburOak, pedunculate
Ranunculus flammulaSpearwort, lesser
Ranunculus repensButtercup, creeping
Rorippa nasturtium-aquaticumWatercress, common
Rosa caninaRose, dog
Rubus caesiusDewberry
Rubus fruticosusBramble
Rubus idaeusRaspberry
Rumex conglomeratusDock, clustered
Rumex obtusifoliusDock, broad leaved
Rumex sanguineusDock, wood
Salix capreaWillow, goat
Salix cinereaWillow, grey
Sambucus nigraElder
Scrophularia nodosaFigwort, common
Scutellaria galericulataSkullcap
Silene dioicaCampion, red
Sorbus aucupariaRowan
Stachys sylvaticaWoundwort, hedge
Stellaria holosteaStitchwort, greater
Stellaria mediaChickweed, common
Stellaria uliginosaStitchwort, bog
Typha latifoliaReedmace, common
Ulex europaeusGorse
Urtica dioicaNettle, common
Vaccinium myrtillusBilberry
Veronica beccabungaSpeedwell, brooklime
Veronica montanaSpeedwell, wood
Viola rivinianaViolet, common dog
Polytrichum sp.Polytrichum moss
Sphagnum sp.Green Sphagnum moss
Small toadstools

Other species recorded

Blue and red damselflies, speckled wood and ringlet butterflies, various beetles including a yellow-and-black one almost an inch long, a moth with brown upperwings and orangey-red underwings, pond skaters.

Long-tailed tit, great tit, marsh tit, chaffinch, greenfinch, bullfinch, chiffchaff, blackcap, jackdaw, blackbird, song thrush, goldcrest, coot and tufted duck. Thanks to Tom for the list.

Small froglets, one toad, leeches (probably horse leeches) in the lake. Unknown fungus.

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