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Ellers Wood / Brewster Hill 17th June 2017

led by Jim Pewtress

Species lists below

Eleven members and one guest arrived at Hazel Heads, Hawnby on a hot sunny afternoon.

Ryenats members

After a short walk along the road we passed through two uncut grass fields at Blowgill down to the upper River Rye. The heat meant that there were very few birds or butterflies seen as we crossed grazed fields to Greens Wood where we had first glimpses of a pair of Redstarts. Various pale white grass moths and individual butterflies were seen but overall was a pleasant walk out of the blazing sun.

On reaching the old farmstead of Brewster Hill a larch tree with many holes in the bark on one side was seen. As bark on the other side of the tree was missing and there were no holes it would appear that they were caused by some species of Bark beetle.

Larch trunk with insect holes

Trunk of dead larch with holes

Insect holes (detail)

Detail of holes in larch trunk

Our slow meander took us back down towards the Rye when we watched a pair of Redstarts visiting a hole in an old wall.

Redstart on ruined wall

The walk back through the conifer plantation was uneventful but all enjoyed a pleasant if hot walk.

Speckled wood butterfly Pararge aegeria

Speckled wood butterfly Pararge aegeria

Carder bumblebee Bombus pascuorum

Carder bumblebee Bombus pascuorum


Although we didn’t see anything particularly unusual there was a good variety of plants, with 99 species identified. Some of the ferns and grasses had us scratching our heads and I think we all learned something new, or at least appreciated the difficulties certain plant groups can throw up (for instance with the ferns it is important to check the arrangement and shape of the spore cases on the underside of the leaves).

Latin nameCommon name
Acer pseudoplatanusSycamore
Achillea millefoliumYarrow
Aesculus hippocastanumChestnut, horse
Ajuga reptansBugle
Alnus glutinosaAlder
Angelica sylvestrisAngelica
Anthoxanthum odoratumSweet Vernal Grass
Arctium minusBurdock
Athyrium filix-feminaLady Fern
Bellis perennisDaisy
Betula sp.Birch
Blechnum spicantHard Fern
Calluna vulgarisHeather or Ling
Cardamine pratensisCuckoo flower or Milkmaid
Carex remotaRemote sedge
Cerastium arvenseMouse ear, field
Ceratocapnos claviculataCorydalis, climbing
Circaea lutetianaEnchanters nightshade
Cirsium arvenseThistle, creeping
Cirsium palustreThistle, marsh
Cirsium vulgareThistle, spear
Conopodium majusPignut
Corylus avellanaHazel
Crataegus monogynaHawthorn
Cynosurus cristatusCrested Dogstail
Dactylis glomerataCocksfoot
Deschampsia caespitosaHair Grass, Tufted
Digitalis purpureaFoxglove
Dryopteris filix-masMale Fern
Erica cinereaBell heather
Erica tetralixCross leaved heath
Fagus sylvaticaBeech
Festuca rubraFescue, Red
Fraxinus excelsiorAsh
Galium aparineCleavers
Galium palustreBedstraw, marsh
Galium saxatileBedstraw, heath
Geranium robertianumHerb robert
Heracleum sphondyliumHogweed
Holcus lanatusYorkshire Fog
Hyacinthoides non-scriptaBluebell
Hypericum pulchrumSt Johnswort, beautiful
Juncus conglomeratusCompact Rush
Juncus effususSoft Rush
Linum catharticumFlax, fairy
Lolium perenneRye Grass, Perennial
Lonicera periclymenumHoneysuckle
Lotus corniculatusBirdsfoot trefoil, common
Lotus pedunculatusBirdsfoot trefoil, greater
Luzula multifloraWoodrush, heath
Luzula sylvaticaWoodrush, great
Lysimachia nemorumYellow pimpernel
Malus sylvestrisCrab apple
Medicago lupulinaMedick, black
Mycelis muralisWall lettuce
Myosotis arvensisForgetmenot, field
Myosotis discolorForgetmenot, changing
Oreopteris limbospermaLemon-scented or Mountain Fern
Oxalis acetosellaWood sorrel
Pedicularis sylvaticaLousewort, common
Persicaria hydropiperWater pepper
Pilosella officinarumHawkweed, mouse eared
Plantago lanceolataPlantain, ribwort
Plantago majorPlantain, greater
Poa trivialisMeadow Grass, Rough
Polygala serpyllifoliaMilkwort, heath
Potentilla anserinaSilverweed
Potentilla sterilisStrawberry, barren
Prunella vulgarisSelf heal
Prunus padusBird cherry
Pteridium aquilinumBracken
Quercus sp.Oak
Ranunculus acrisButtercup, meadow
Ranunculus repensButtercup, creeping
Rhinanthus minor Yellow rattle
Rubus fruticosusBramble
Rumex acetosaSorrel, common
Rumex obtusifoliusDock, broad leaved
Salix capreaWillow, goat
Sambucus nigraElder
Scrophularia nodosaFigwort, common
Stachys officinalisBetony
Stachys sylvaticaWoundwort, hedge
Stellaria gramineaStitchwort, lesser
Stellaria holosteaStitchwort, greater
Stellaria mediaChickweed, common
Taraxacum sp.Dandelion
Teucrium scorodoniaWood sage
Trifolium pratenseClover, red
Trifolium repensClover, white
Ulex europaeusGorse
Urtica dioicaNettle, common
Vaccinium myrtillusBilberry
Veronica beccabungaSpeedwell, brooklime
Veronica chamaedrysSpeedwell, germander
Veronica montanaSpeedwell, wood
Veronica officinalisSpeedwell, heath
Vicia sepiumVetch, bush
Viola rivinianaViolet, common dog

99 spp.

Bird list

Redstart, Wren, Chiffchaff, Willow Warbler, Pheasant, Red-legged Partridge, Woodpigeon, Carrion Crow, Song Thrush, Blackbird, Coal Tit, Marsh Tit, Blue Tit, Great Tit, Buzzard, Siskin and Swallow.


Pardosa Amentata, Tetragnatha extensa


Milopus mario

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