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Ashberry/Nettledale Fungus Foray
12th October 2013

led by Rhona Sutherland

Species list below

14 of us met on the Rievaulx to Scawton road where the Cleveland Way leaves the road and heads west beside a small stream. We clambered along a slope of a bank of Oak, Birch, Rowan, Holly and Apple. The path then passes two small lakes before opening out to a patch of grassland where the stream goes north west while we followed the path along a dry valley west for a while at first between conifers and then past a large patch of beeches. We found different fungi in all three habitats and with Melanie’s expert help we finally identified 69 species.

Bracket fungus on apple

Unfortunately we have not yet identified the bracket fungus pictured above and it is providing an intriguing puzzle. We puzzled for some time on the identity of the tree itself, thinking it was some kind of thornless Prunus, perhaps a Damson or possibly an Apple. Gill and Keith later found another tree they thought was the same which did have apples under it so we are now thinking this one was also an apple.We still have to identify the fungus. You would think such a dramatic tiered Bracket would be easy to pin point but thatís the trouble and fascination of fungi. They look so different at different stages in their life cycle or following different weather patterns.

Several fallen birch logs were covered with beautiful tufts of bright orange/brown fungi called Sheathed Woodtuft (Kuehneromyces mutabilis) and these too look different depending on their age and stage of decomposition.

Kuehneromyces mutabilis Sheathed Woodtuft

Gill found some beautiful Hedgehog mushrooms (Hydnum repandum) and we had one in an omelette that evening. It was delicious! The patch of grassland further on was full of Stubble Rosegills (Volvopluteus gloiocephala). These are striking tall beige-grey fungi with a sac-like volva at their base which makes you think of the genus Amanita but there is no ring on the stipe and they have pink gills. These yield pink spores, not white like Amanita species.

Under the pines and cypress trees there was no vegetation at all but plenty of fungi. There were Russula, Lactarius, Clitocybe, Mycena and Collybia species as well as masses of Shaggy Parasol mushrooms (Chlorophyllum rachodes), and even some Wood blewits (Lepista nuda). As we climbed the bank into the Beech woodland I was delighted to find several specimens of a large coffee-coloured cup fungus, an Ascomycetye called Palamino Cup (Peziza repanda). A new Ryenats member, David Lewis, took the lovely picture of this.

Peziza repanda Palamino Cup

Species list

Amanita citrina False DeathcapRS
Amanita fulvaTawny GrisetteRS
Amanita muscariaFly AgaricRS
Armillaria melleaHoney FungusRS
Bisporella citrinaLemon DiscoRS
Bolbitius titubansYellow FieldcapRS
Calocera pallidospathulataPale StagshornRS
Calocera viscosaYellow StagshornRS
Chlorociboria spME
Chlorophyllum rachodesShaggy ParasolRS
Clitocybe nebularisClouded FunnelRS
Clitocybe odoraAniseed FunnelRS
Coprinellus disseminatusFairy InkcapRS
Coprinopsis lagopusME
Crepidotus variabilisVariable OysterlingRS
Daedalea quercinaOak MazegillRS
Daedaleopsis confragosaBlushing BracketRS
Alboleptonia sericellaME
Entoloma confederendumME
Entoloma rhodopoliumRS
Fomes fomentariusHoof Fungus / Tinder BracketRS
Galerina atkinsonianaME
Galerina clavataME
Gymnopilus penetransCommon RustgillRS
Gymnopus confluensME
Gymnopus peronatusWood WoollyfootRS
Hemimycena tortuosaME
Hydnum repandumWood HedgehogRS
Hypholoma fasciculareSulphur TuftRS
Kuehneromyces mutabilisSheathed WoodtuftRS
Laccaria amethystinaAmethyst DeceiverRS
Laccaria laccataDeceiverRS
Lactarius blenniusBeech MilkcapRS
Lactarius subdulcisMild MilkcapRS
Lactarius tabidusBirch MilkcapRS
Lactarius vietusGrey MilkcapRS
Lepista nudaWood BlewitRS
Lycogala terrestreRS
Lycoperdon nigrescensDusky PuffballRS
Lycoperdon perlatumCommon PuffballRS
Mycena arcangelianaAngel's BonnetRS
Mycena epipterygiaYellowleg BonnetME
Mycena galericulataCommon BonnetRS
Mycena inclinataClustered BonnetRS
Nectria cinnabarinaCoral SpotME
Nectria cinnabarinaCoral SpotRS
Paxillus involutusBrown RollrimRS
Peziza repandaPalamino CupRS
Phallus impudicusStinkhornRS
Pholiota squarrosaShaggy ScalycapRS
Piptoporus betulinusBirch Polypore RS
Plicaturopsis crispaRS
Pluteus pouzarianusME
Polyporus leptocephalusBlackfoot PolyporeRS
Postia caesiaConifer Blueing BracketRS
Psathyrella corrugisRed Edge BrittlestemME
Psathyrella fibrillosaME
Psathyrella pseudogracilisME
Rhodocollybia butyraceaButter CapRS
Rhytisma acerinumSycamore TarspotRS
Russula nigricansME
Russula ochroleucaOchre BrittlegillRS
Stereum hirsutumHairy Curtain CrustRS
Tubaria conspersaME
Volvopluteus gloiocephalusStubble RosegillRS
Xerocomellus pruinatusMatt BoleteRS
Xylaria hypoxylonCandlesnuff FungusRS

RS = Rhona Sutherland
ME = Melanie Earle

© Ryedale Natural History Society 2013, Photos © Rhona Sutherlalnd & David Lewis 2013 Back to the Home page